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Units in CON are the building blocks of your military campaign. You begin each campaign with a number of units, placed strategically across your homeland cities. In order to mobilize units, you have to research the required technologies and construct the prerequisite buildings in your cities.

Units can be stacked to amplify their strength. Just be aware that stacking too many units will incur a stacking penalty. Different unit types such as air, sea, and land, have different stacking limits. Experiment with different combinations that suit your style of combat.

Basic Unit Stats

When you select a unit stack, the Army Bar will display real time stats that are essential to your strategic planning.

The Unit Stats section includes:

Attribute Label Description
Estimated Strength Unit stack's total Attack and Defence Rating, modified by current terrain.
Unit Speed Movement speed, modified by terrain.
Efficiency If your stack size is within the stacking limit, efficiency will be at 100%. Once your stack size gets too big, it incurs a stacking penalty that gets progressively worse.

The Activity section of the Army Bar displays:

Attribute Label Description
Current Position The province your unit is currently stationed in.
Destination Unit's final destination while moving (the final waypoint destination, in the case the unit has several waypoints).
Travel Time Unit's travel in approximated in-game time to final destination.
Arrival Time Unit's arrival in approximated in-game time at final destination.

Combat Properties

Click on the unit's icon in the Army Bar to open the Unit Info Panel. The Combat Properties section displays attributes that are relative to damage types:

Attribute Label Description
Attack Rating Unit's unmodified attack rating. An estimation of a unit's strength when attacking.
This is NOT a flat damage value
Defense Rating Unit's unmodified defense rating. An estimation of a unit's strength when defending.
This is NOT a flat damage value
Range Combat range at which the unit can engage.
Radar Range Contacts that enter this unit's radar range, hostile or neutral, are displayed as radar contacts. Only high level info is revealed: Land units are shown as grey blips, airborne units as green blips, naval units as blue blips.
Sight Range Range at which this unit can visually detect hostile entities (but not their stack size). See Sight Range for more details.

Terrain Information

Click on the unit's icon in the Army Bar to open the Unit Info Panel. The Terrain Information section displays attributes that change based on terrain type.

Attribute Label Description
Attack Mod. Attack modifier applied to unit's Attack Rating.
Defence Mod. Defence modifier applied to unit's Defence Rating.
Speed Val. Unit's movement speed. A value of "1" indicates that the unit moves at normal speed, i.e. 100%.
Hit Points Unit's health on specified terrain.
Sight Range Range at which this unit can visually detect hostile entities (but not their stack size). See Sight Range for more details.


Motorised Infantry

Light infantry c 1 big.png

This light infantry unit, predominately used to conquer enemy provinces and cities and defend friendly provinces and cities. Mainly defensive in nature, these units have the airlift feature available from the very start.
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Mechanised Infantry

Mechanized infantry 1 big.png

Armor supporting infantry, best suited for open or accessible terrain types. They will prove to be very helpful when accompanying armored units.
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Naval Infantry

Marines 1 big.png

Heavy infantry that can disembark at any coastal province and is very effective at attacking fortified urban strongholds. Although weak in difficult terrain, these units do not require the province to have a harbor or pontoon to disembark.
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Airborne Infantry

Airmobile infantry 1 big.png

Light airborne infantry using helicopters or VTOL aircraft to air-assault enemy positions. Receives Air-Assault bonus if attacking. 
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Special Forces

Special forces 1 big.png

Specialised infantry trained for combat in difficult terrain, but still capable in open terrain types. With a nice range of starting capabilities, these forces are equipped for many scenarios and promise to put up a fight. Special Forces can not conquer provinces and turn them into your own, unlike all other infantry. They are only able to fight any units present in said province.
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National Guard

National guard c 3 big.png

Cost effective defensive militia that can be mobilized quickly and without army bases. An important tradeoff to note is that this unit's starting hit-points depend on the morale of the city mobilizing them. 
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Combat Recon Vehicle

Combat recon vehicle a 1 big.png

Lightly armored scout unit, specialized in fast reconnaissance missions. Can identify and uncover stealthy ground units from the start, and they can be upgraded to use air assault.
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Armored Fighting Vehicle

Armored fighting vehicle c 3 big.png

Well armored and well armed, AFV's form the backbone of any modern armored fighting force. Not very good at attacking difficult terrain, but can be upgraded to counteract this and airlift.
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Amphibious Combat Vehicle

Amphibious combat vehicle a 1 big.png

The naval version of the Armored Fighting Vehicle, able to disembark at any coast acting as armored support for naval infantry. 
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Main Battle Tank

Main battle tank 1 1 big.png

Heavily armored ground unit, used to breach defenses and strike deep into the enemy rear. Especially vulnerable in urban and difficult terrain. 
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Tank Destroyer

Tank destroyer a 1 big.png

Lightly armored unit dedicated to knocking out enemy vehicles. Very effective in defending urban terrain due to its light build and low profile. Later upgrades will allow this unit to air lift and air assault.
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Towed Artillery

Towed howitzer artillery 1 big.png

Traditional towed howitzer artillery, mainly specialized in dealing anti-infantry damage. Can be moved by helicopter from mid-game onward. 
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Mobile Artillery

Self propelled artillery a 1 big.png

Heavily armored front-line artillery. Especially effective at dealing anti-vehicle damage. 
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Multiple Rocket Launcher

Multiple rocket launcher systems vehicle 1 big.png

Lightly armored, long-range rocket artillery, laying down an all-purpose artillery barrage. 
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Mobile Anti-Air Vehicle

Self propelled aa gun a 1 big.png

Mobile, close-range anti-air support, specialized in anti-helicopter warfare. Can be secondarily used against infantry. 
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Mobile SAM Launcher

Self propelled sam launcher 1 big.png

Mid-range, anti-air support unit specialized in anti-airplane warfare.
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Theater Defense System

Missile defense system a 1 big.png

Long-range, anti-air support unit, focusing on anti-missile warfare.
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Mobile Radar

Radar a 1 big.png

Ground-based medium range radar unit, able to detect most air, land and sea units. Can gain stealth-detection later in the game. 
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Helicopter Gunship

Helicopter gunship a 2 big.png

The helicopter gunship will be a viable enemy to infantry and lightly armoured targets. Allowing you to land on friendly carrier decks whilst flying under the radar of SAM and TDS makes them flexible in their strategic potential.
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Attack Helicopter

Attack helicopter a 1 big.png

Attack helicopters are particularly useful on the offensive against hard or heavily armoured targets. Very similar to the gunship, they have NOE, which allows them to fly under radar detection of SAM and TDS.
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ASW Helicopter

Asw helicopter 2 big.png

The anti-submarine helicopter specialises in detection and engagement of submarines and surface vessels, with torpedos and missiles. The features available on other helicopters carry on here, able to detect submarines, use carriers and fly under the radar from SAM and TDS.
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Air Superiority Fighter

Air superiority fighter a 1 big.png

These aircraft are very good at destroying other aircraft, but very weak in attacking ground targets, especially armored. Air superiority units are able to carry missiles in later Tiers.
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Naval Air Superiority Fighter

Naval air superiority fighter a 1 big.png

Naval fighter airplane with the primary role of establishing total air dominance over land and sea. Equipped to land on aircraft carriers. Like the non naval-variant, these units can carry missiles when researched to later tiers.
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Stealth Air Superiority Fighter

Stealth air superiority fighter 1 big.png

High-tech, air-combat aircraft using stealth technology meaning they are invisible if they are not attacking. Unlike their non-stealth counterparts, these units are able to identify stealth units, and do not declare war when infiltrating enemy air space. These units like their other variants are able to carry missiles, with the exception that they can do so starting from Tier 1.
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Strike Fighter

Strike fighter a 1 big.png

Strike fighters excel in air-to-ground attacks, especially in groups. This means that both infantry and population are affected as a result of strike runs. They can fire missiles from mid-game onward. 
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Naval Strike Fighter

Naval strike fighter a 1 big.png

These fighters are able to land on carriers, in addition to the features available on standard strike fighters. This unit has a notable attack damage versus ships/navy units.
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Stealth Strike Fighter

Stealth strike fighter 1 big.png

A very strong variant of strike fighter with the added capability of stealth when not attacking. This unit does not declare war when infiltrating enemy air space.
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Drone b 3 big.png

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle predominately used for recon and scouting. Upgraded versions can also carry out ground strikes and gain stealth ability. Doesn't declare war when infiltrating enemy airspace.
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Naval Patrol Aircraft

Transport plane 3 big.png

Aircraft equipped to detect and engage submarines and surface vessels with torpedoes and guided missiles. These units are also able to reveal submarines and navy officers from the first tier, and can carry missiles towards later upgrades.
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Awacs 1 big.png

Purely a reconnaissance unit, AWACS are useful for their large range and radar abilities. Later upgrades are also able to reveal stealth units.
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Naval awacs 1 big.png

This variant is not able to reveal reveal stealth units but can instead use air carriers’ decks.
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Heavy Bomber

Strategic bomber a 1 big.png

Bombers excel at attacking ground targets, particularly buildings and fortifications which in turn affect the population and ergo resource income. Stacked units are also very susceptible to heavy damage. These air units are able to carry and launch cruise missiles. Later tiers are able to bypass bunker defence bonuses.
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Stealth Bomber

Stealth bomber 1 big.png

These bombers also have the benefit of having stealth when not in combat, and not declaring war when infiltrating enemy airspace.
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Corvette 1 big.png

The lightest class of warship, the corvette is strongest in defending shallow water areas or against submarines not in stealth. Later upgrades allow corvettes to defend themselves against air targets.
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Frigate 1 big.png

A medium size warship, Frigates are particularly strong against air units. Later upgrades allow these units to add stealth detection to their arsenal.
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Destroyer 1 big.png

This large warship is particularly strong against surface and deep sea threats, whilst also being proficient against land units and structures. Later upgrades will allow this unit to carry and dispatch missiles.
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Cruiser 1 big.png

Considered as one of the most dangerous ships, the cruiser is capable in sea combat as well as carrying and dispatching missiles.
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Aircraft carrier 1 big.png

As the name implies, this unit is able to carry various aircraft which are equipped to land on carriers, as well as defend itself against oncoming missiles, fleets and submarines.
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Attack Submarine

Attack submarine 3 big.png

Hunter-killer attack submarine specifically designed and equipped to destroy other submarines and surface vessels. Can carry and fire cruise missiles. The Attack submarine is also able to maintain stealth when not attacking.
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Ballistic Submarine

Ballistic missile submarine 2 big.png

Capable against surface vessels and submarines, the Ballistic Missile Submarines are predominantly tasked with carrying and firing cruise and ballistic missiles. Further tiers and upgrades further capitalise on this strength.
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Conventional Warhead

Conventional warhead non 1 big.png

Warhead containing high explosives generally used against armored military targets and buildings.
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Chemical Warhead

Chemical warhead non 1 big.png

Warhead containing highly toxic chemicals released over a wide area. Most effective against soft targets such as infantry and civilian population. Will cause contamination.
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Nuclear Warhead

Nuclear warhead non 1 big.png

Warhead containing a nuclear device, releasing immense amounts of energy and radioactivity, annihilating any living being or structure. Will cause contamination.
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Cruise Missile

Missile cruise chemical 1 big.png

Low-flying guided missile predominately used directly against military units. Can carry conventional, chemical or nuclear warheads. Delivered by fighters, heavies, submarines, Cruise Missile Launcher, destroyers, and cruisers.
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Ballistic Missile

Missile ballistic conventional 3 big.png

Medium-range guided ballistic missile, delivering several conventional, chemical or nuclear warheads against strategic targets, such as cities. Fired from Ballistic Submarines and Ballistic Missile Launcher.
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Missile icbm nuclear 1 big.png

Long range intercontinental ballistic missile designed for multiple nuclear warhead delivery. Launched from ICBM Launcher.
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Cruise Missile Launcher

Cruise missile launcher 1 big.png

Mobile land-based launcher for low-flying guided cruise missiles used against military ground and sea units. See cruise missiles.
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Ballistic Missile Launcher

Ballistic missile launcher 1 big.png

Mobile land-based launcher for medium range guided ballistic missiles used against strategic targets, such as cities. See ballistic missiles.
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ICBM Launcher

Icbm missile launcher 1 big.png

Mobile land-based launcher firing intercontinental ballistic missiles designed for nuclear warhead delivery. See ICBMs.
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