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Towed Artillery

Towed howitzer artillery 1 big.png

Traditional towed howitzer artillery, mainly specialized in dealing anti-infantry damage. Can be moved by helicopter from mid-game onward. 
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Mobile Artillery

Self propelled artillery a 1 big.png

Heavily armored front-line artillery. Especially effective at dealing anti-vehicle damage. 
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Multiple Rocket Launcher

Multiple rocket launcher systems vehicle 1 big.png

Lightly armored, long-range rocket artillery, laying down an all-purpose artillery barrage. 
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Mobile Anti-Air Vehicle

Self propelled aa gun a 1 big.png

Mobile, close-range anti-air support, specialized in anti-helicopter warfare. Can be secondarily used against infantry. 
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Mobile SAM Launcher

Self propelled sam launcher 1 big.png

Mid-range, anti-air support unit specialized in anti-airplane warfare.
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Theater Defense System

Missile defense system a 1 big.png

Long-range, anti-air support unit, focusing on anti-missile warfare.
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Mobile Radar

Radar a 1 big.png

Ground-based medium range radar unit, able to detect most air, land and sea units. Can gain stealth-detection later in the game. 
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