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Naval Patrol Aircraft

Transport plane 3 big.png

Aircraft equipped to detect and engage submarines and surface vessels with torpedoes and guided missiles. These units are also able to reveal submarines and navy officers from the first tier, and can carry missiles towards later upgrades.
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Awacs 1 big.png

Purely a reconnaissance unit, AWACS are useful for their large range and radar abilities. Later upgrades are also able to reveal stealth units.
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Naval awacs 1 big.png

This variant is not able to reveal reveal stealth units but can instead use air carriers’ decks.
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Heavy Bomber

Strategic bomber a 1 big.png

Bombers excel at attacking ground targets, particularly buildings and fortifications which in turn affect the population and ergo resource income. Stacked units are also very susceptible to heavy damage. These air units are able to carry and launch cruise missiles. Later tiers are able to bypass bunker defence bonuses.
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Stealth Bomber

Stealth bomber 1 big.png

These bombers also have the benefit of having stealth when not in combat, and not declaring war when infiltrating enemy airspace.
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