Mechanized Infantry

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Western Mechanised infantry
Eastern Mechanised infantry
EU Mechanised infantry

Mechanised Infantry are infantry equipped with armoured personnel carriers (APCs) or infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs) for transport and combat, making them much more viable against armored enemies as opposed to motorised infantry. Most APCs and IFVs are all-wheel drive vehicles (6×6 or 8×8), useful for mobility across rough terrain. It is important to note that Mechanized Infantry do not fare well in rough terrain, particularly ‘Jungle’ and ‘Mountainous’, they will also be inefficient at assaulting in ‘Forest’ terrain type.

Given that more advanced technology is used for upgraded tiers of Mechanized Infantry, it is worth noting the unit’s upkeep will rise; as more combat supplies [‘Ammunition’ and particularly ‘Fuel’], ordnance supplies [spare vehicle ‘Components’] and more manpower is required to both crew and maintain the vehicles.


This unit has the following features on its final tier:

  • Unlocked with Day 2 Research: Conquer Territory - Unit can conquer provinces/cities once it reaches their center-point. European gain access to this earlier.
  • Unlocked with Day 13 Research: Airlift - This unit can be transported between airports/landing strips via airlift. Note that it is completely defenseless while in the air. European gain access to this earlier.
  • Unlocked with Day 17 Research: Limited WMD protection - Unit is better protected when attacked by missiles armed with chemical/nuclear warheads. European gain access to this earlier.