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Air Superiority Fighter

Air superiority fighter a 1 big.png

These aircraft are very good at destroying other aircraft, but very weak in attacking ground targets, especially armored. Air superiority units are able to carry missiles in later Tiers.
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Naval Air Superiority Fighter

Naval air superiority fighter a 1 big.png

Naval fighter airplane with the primary role of establishing total air dominance over land and sea. Equipped to land on aircraft carriers. Like the non naval-variant, these units can carry missiles when researched to later tiers.
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Stealth Air Superiority Fighter

Stealth air superiority fighter 1 big.png

High-tech, air-combat aircraft using stealth technology meaning they are invisible if they are not attacking. Unlike their non-stealth counterparts, these units are able to identify stealth units, and do not declare war when infiltrating enemy air space. These units like their other variants are able to carry missiles, with the exception that they can do so starting from Tier 1.
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Strike Fighter

Strike fighter a 1 big.png

Strike fighters excel in air-to-ground attacks, especially in groups. This means that both infantry and population are affected as a result of strike runs. They can fire missiles from mid-game onward. 
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Naval Strike Fighter

Naval strike fighter a 1 big.png

These fighters are able to land on carriers, in addition to the features available on standard strike fighters. This unit has a notable attack damage versus ships/navy units.
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Stealth Strike Fighter

Stealth strike fighter 1 big.png

A very strong variant of strike fighter with the added capability of stealth when not attacking. This unit does not declare war when infiltrating enemy air space.
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Drone b 3 big.png

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle predominately used for recon and scouting. Upgraded versions can also carry out ground strikes and gain stealth ability. Doesn't declare war when infiltrating enemy airspace.
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