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What Is The Game About?

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Conflict of Nations: Word War 3 is a real-time based approach on modern strategy. Competing against up to 100 players, you assume the role of a commander during a military campaign. Manage economy, diplomacy, weapons research, and troop mobilisation in order to lead your nation to victory. Each game, or campaign, can last anywhere from days to weeks. Careful strategic planning will be vital to your success, as you must anticipate your opponents' movements hours, if not even days, ahead.

Goal Of The Game

Your goal in any CON campaign is straightforward: Conquer as much territory as you can before the enemy does.

Your success in a campaign is measured in Victory Points. The first player to reach the Victory Point limit wins the campaign. If you are part of a coalition, you must work together with your team to reach your shared Victory Point limit, as each member's points count toward the goal.

Victory Points are earned by conquering provinces and cities. At the end of the campaign, each player is awarded Gold, CON's premium currency, equivalent to their number of Victory Points at the end of the campaign.

Where Do I Start?

The best way to learn is to simply play through a campaign. Besides normal length games, CON sometimes runs 4x speed campaigns that are especially suitable for beginners to learn the ropes. Use this wiki as a reference as you go along.

You can also ask the community in-game, if you have questions, via the Help channel. Moderators and other players usually answer within minutes, if not right away. While you familiarise yourself with the different elements of CON, below are some aspects that are worth keeping in mind.

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Basic Commands

We put together a video to help you familiarise yourself with CON's basic unit commands.

Be sure to also check out the keyboard Shortcuts.

Research And Production

Before you can produce, or mobilise, units, you have to unlock them in the research tree of your military doctrine. CON currently features three distinct doctrines that favour different types of units. In addition to research, every unit requires certain buildings before they can be mobilised. You can see these requirements in the info box of a unit in the research tree.

Finally, units require certain resources for mobilisation. Every mobilised unit will also cost daily upkeep. Build up your economy early so you don't suddenly face a shortage of resources in the middle of a conflict.


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One feature that sets Conflict of Nations apart is the aspect of national morale. Maintaining a healthy, national morale is vital as it affects your production, troop mobilization, and reduces the risk of insurgency. While every province has its own morale indicator, several factors, such as warcrimes, can influence all your provinces' morale at the same time.



Use diplomacy to your advantage to foster mutually beneficial relationships with other players, for example:

It would be advisable to maintain a good diplomatic standing with your neighbouring countries, especially in the beginning of the game. This will allow you to engage in theatres of war, further away from your capital, without the threat of invasion by one of your neighbours. Use caution, however, and try to anticipate your allies' motives before you gauge their trustworthiness. Deception is an essential and common tactic as well.

Keep an eye on the News for hourly updates about recent events in the campaign, as well as official statements by other players.

What Happens When I Log Out?

Every CON campaign is a persistent online game which means it will continue normally while you are away. However, units are balanced in favour of defence, which means even if another player attacks your nation while you are gone, chances are your units will hold their own just fine. Just don't leave your cities undefended and take advantage of the entrechment bonus before you log off!

Join and meet the community!

If you'd like to meet other players so you can join games together, discuss strategies for different countries and maps, join an alliance, or the like - join the official Conflict Of Nations: World War 3 Discord!
If you prefer to engage in a forum environment, you can find our Forums here!

Aside from being able to meet like-minded players, we post announcements for new updates, post teasers about coming updates, and staff regularly pop in to talk with our players in these channels.