Mobile Anti-air vehicle

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Western AAV - M163 VADS
European AAV - Gepard
Eastern AAV - 9K35 Strela 10

A motorized point defence anti-aircraft system protects advancing forces from immediate air threats with a 25 mm gatling gun and Stinger surface-to-air missiles housed in a launcher pod. Small and mobile, these units are feared by any low-flying ground attacker such as helicopters or fighters. They are capable of being strategically airlifted by, both, helicopters and aircraft. Mobile AA will have a harder time in Forests, Jungles & Tundra.


This unit has the following features on its final tier:

  • Unlocked with Day 1 Research: Ranged Anti Air - This unit can engage hostile aircraft that enter its AA envelope.
  • Unlocked with Day 11 Research: Airlift - This unit can be transported between airports/landing strips via airlift. Note that it is completely defenseless while in the air.
  • Unlocked with Day 17 Research: Air Assault- Unit can move/attack by using helicopters. When you give the Air Assault command, the unit will board a helicopter and move to the target location by air. If you are attacking a hostile unit, your unit’s first combat tick is executed from the air, i.e. as a helicopter attack.


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