Military Doctrine

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Commander, your armies are created under a specific doctrine. The Military Doctrine is the set of fundamental principles that guide a country in achieving its military objectives. Doctrine includes military tactics and strategy, but also the larger policies and procedures of a country, in light of its history, resources, and landscape.

The Doctrine intends to provide an authoritative reference for military decisions, while allowing for creative interpretation of its principals so that a country remains competitive in a changing world.


There are three military doctrines in Conflict of Nations: Modern War. Each doctrine plays differently, has access to visually different units, and has it’s own strengths and weaknesses, which of course can be considered and offset, by individual player strategy. Essentially, each doctrine faction has a known and effective counter class that is detectable and allows for counter defense tactics.




Each military doctrine has its own advantages and disadvantages. These mainly come in the form of research availability.

The Eastern doctrine favours early research of:

- Main Battle Tank

- SAM Launchers

- Gunship Helicopter

The European doctrine favours early research of:

- Mechanized Infantry

- Tank Destroyers

- Strike Fighters

The Western doctrine favours early research of:

- Armored Combat Vehicle

- Theatre Defense System

- Attack helicopter