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Membership Perks

Security council features.jpg

Fire Control Settings

Gain access to special Fire Control settings for certain units!

  • Hold Fire - Unit never engages enemies unless specifically ordered to do so.
  • Return Fire - Unit only engages enemy if attacked first.
  • Aggressive - Automatically engages enemies in range, postponing all other orders until combat is resolved.

Alliance Creation

Being a member of the Security Council enables players to create their own alliances. Alliance leaders can create and accept alliance challenges, whilst also applying for internal games.

Rally-Point Placing

Rally-points enables players to set a point from a city, and any unit created from that city will automatically start moving towards the point they set. They will automatically use airports to ferry over, should they be available.

Premium Chat

Security Council members can benefit from their own channel to chat in-game where only security council members can use and chat.

Building Queues

This grants players to add up to four buildings and units to the production queue in each of their cities. No time to lose!

No Inactivity Replacements

All your slots are reserved when you go inactive. No other player or AI can jump in and play your nation. Resume the game at any time!

Custom Article Images

Add flair to your News articles with custom images!

Shared Intelligence

This relation allows members to share gathered intelligence. Whereas this diplomatic relationship can only be used by members in a coalition, Security Council members can benefit from shared intelligence outside of coalitions. Players grant each other access to intel gathered via the intel panel.


This allows players to play in the same game with one friend or family member using the same connection.