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Western Corvette
Eastern Corvette
European Corvette

Corvette's detailed below are the smallest class of warship in a modern fleet. Often used as coastal or littoral combat vessels, the Corvette can defend shallow water areas against surface vessel and submarine incursion. Equipped with radar and sonar technologies, these naval units will be very useful in the defense of your coastal provinces in anticipation of a fleet approach. Corvettes can also bombard cities damaging their buildings, and population. This, in addition with the potential to upgrade them for anti air defense makes them strategically viable throughout the game depending on your nation, situation and day.

Role: Fastest naval attack unit, cheap and not durable, but equipped with some anti-submarine capabilities.


This unit has the following features on its final tier:

  • Unlocked with Day 1 Research: Ranged Combat - Maximum distance at which this unit can engage.
  • Unlocked with Day 1 Research: Radar - Unit can detect air, ground, and naval units.