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In order to win a campaign in CON, you must be the first to reach the required Victory Point limit. Once a winner has been determined...

  • The game will continue to run until midnight of the current ingame day, allowing the remaining players to conquer more territory and gain more Victory Points.
  • At midnight, the game is officially over and your Victory Points are converted to Gold, CON's premium currency.
  • The VP for each nation is updated once per game day (generally upon day change). It may be the case that a nation with 0 VP may still appear to have some until day change occurs.
  • Very Important: Victory Points are updated at midnight GMT+1 / CEST + 1

Victory Conditions

You can find the number of Required Victory Points to secure your Victory under the player name on the top left panel. If you are playing solo then this value is up to you to attain. Otherwise if you are in a coalition then each player will be increasing the total VP required making team effort a priority. For example, solo VP required for a map may be 1850, but if 3 players are in the coalition then everyone in it needs to contribute to the new total of 5550. So choose your teammates wisely, otherwise you will have a very heavy load to carry!