Unmanned Ground Vehicle

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The UGV is a multi-mission capable unit that can be reconfigured to enhance mission effectiveness. Integrating battlefield-tested robotic systems featuring a controller platform and a modular mission payload. It can be configured with cameras, day/night infrared (IR) or thermal imaging systems to perform missions during the day and night for best visibility under any conditions. The command and control of the UGV is handled using a tactical robot controller.

The Unmanned Ground Vehicle adds an extra layer of protection and support for your boots on the ground. It is extremely effective in Urban and Suburban terrain.


A new resource has been introduced with the introduction of this unit: Deployable Gears.
For Deployable Gears to be produced, you need to have a Secret Weapons Lab which can then be used to produce Deployable Gears to be added to your stockpile, in a similar fashion as Warheads would.
This resource is consumed by the Infantry units listed below upon deployment of the UGV.
The Infantry who can deploy UGVs are:


Tier 1 [Base stats/features]:

  • Low HP
  • Urban/Sub-Urban terrain: Fast, Increased Sight Range & no speed penalties
  • Good damage against infantry
  • Low to Moderate damage against armored
  • Low damage to Helicopters
  • No damage to buildings or population

Tier 2 [Stronger Recon & Support capabilities]:

  • Provides minor Attack Stat bonus to Infantry in same stack
  • Ignores entrenchment bonus (for UGV only)
  • Reveals Stealth units
  • NBC Protection

Tier 3 [Independent Fast Recon]:

  • Provides Major Defensive Attack Stat bonus to Infantry in same stack
  • Increased Radar range (50-75)
  • Significantly reduced speed penalty in hostile terrain