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Units in CON are the building blocks of your military campaign. You begin each campaign with a number of units, placed strategically across your homeland cities. In order to mobilize units, you have to research the required technologies and construct the prerequisite buildings in your cities.

Units can be stacked to amplify their strength. Just be aware that stacking too many units will incur a stacking penalty. Different unit types such as air, sea, and land, have different stacking limits. Experiment with different combinations that suit your style of combat.

Basic Unit Stats

When you select a unit stack, the Army Bar will display real time stats that are essential to your strategic planning.

The Unit Stats section includes:

Attribute Label Description
Estimated Strength Unit stack's total Attack and Defence Rating, modified by current terrain.
Unit Speed Movement speed, modified by terrain.
Efficiency If your stack size is within the stacking limit, efficiency will be at 100%. Once your stack size gets too big, it incurs a stacking penalty that gets progressively worse.

The Activity section of the Army Bar displays:

Attribute Label Description
Current Position The province your unit is currently stationed in.
Destination Unit's final destination while moving (the final waypoint destination, in the case the unit has several waypoints).
Travel Time Unit's travel in approximated in-game time to final destination.
Arrival Time Unit's arrival in approximated in-game time at final destination.

Combat Properties

Click on the unit's icon in the Army Bar to open the Unit Info Panel. The Combat Properties section displays attributes that are relative to damage types:

Attribute Label Description
Attack Rating Unit's unmodified attack rating. An estimation of a unit's strength when attacking.
This is NOT a flat damage value
Defense Rating Unit's unmodified defense rating. An estimation of a unit's strength when defending.
This is NOT a flat damage value
Range Combat range at which the unit can engage.
Radar Range Contacts that enter this unit's radar range, hostile or neutral, are displayed as radar contacts. Only high level info is revealed: Land units are shown as grey blips, airborne units as green blips, naval units as blue blips.
Sight Range Range at which this unit can visually detect hostile entities (but not their stack size). See Sight Range for more details.

Terrain Information

Click on the unit's icon in the Army Bar to open the Unit Info Panel. The Terrain Information section displays attributes that change based on terrain type.

Attribute Label Description
Attack Mod. Attack modifier applied to unit's Attack Rating.
Defence Mod. Defence modifier applied to unit's Defence Rating.
Speed Val. Unit's movement speed. A value of "1" indicates that the unit moves at normal speed, i.e. 100%.
Hit Points Unit's health on specified terrain.
Sight Range Range at which this unit can visually detect hostile entities (but not their stack size). See Sight Range for more details.

Unit Types


Infantry Units are your boots on the ground which will serve as a foundation to the composition of your army. Each branch of Infantry research gives you dedicated abilities and strategies which are required to play them. Will you start with Airmobile Infantry with the intention to cover great distances? Or will you focus on Mechanized Infantry to reach the last Tier as fast as possible?
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To accompany your Infantry, Armored Units are a solid choice to add heavier weapons or transport convoys. Amphibious Combat Vehicles will be a perfect accompaniment if you have already invested in Marine Infantry. Otherwise, you can opt for Tank Destroyers in anticipation of the Russians heavy-hitting Main Battle Tanks.
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Support Units will assist you in your skirmishes and defenses, be it land, sea or air. These unit types are setup for ground strategies, but they can reach out into shallow waters or shoot down missiles from the air, depending on the unit and it's equipment.
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These air units fly at low altitude (sometimes using Nap-of-the-Earth to avoid detection), giving great potential for damage to Armored and Soft targets, but also making themselves vulnerable in doing so. Flexible in their tactical approach, Helicopters will make a great addition to your force in case of rapid dispatch and interventions needed, or even to simply scout and fly under radar detection of SAM's or TDS's.
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Fighters will become the foundation of your airforce, and will wreak havoc if left to their own demise. Agile and deadly is the name of the game here. Will you research the Strike Fighter path and use Support Unit types for Air Defenses? Or will you split your precious resources and time into Strike Fighters and Air Superiority Fighters?
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Heavy units will bring serious damage to whatever is found beneath them, be it Units or Cities, Land or Sea. You can tell that they left their mark by looking at the damage to Morale.
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Interested in amassing a military presence in the sea? Naval units will be the workforce in achieving naval dominance. You can use them for bombarding sea-side Cities/Units, Transport Convoys, or to protect your own. These units are a-must in the commanders strategic repertoire.
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A great choice of Unit to launch Missiles, Defend your cities from Offensive Navy, or Lie in the deep see for recon and counterattacks. Armed with Sonar, Stealth & Stealth Reveal, these units are a fine addition to your Naval forces.
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Choose your Warhead (Nuke, Chemical, or Conventional), Choose your Missile (ICBM, Ballistic, Cruise) and you're good to go. The greatest risk posed by these units types is that of your targets health and resources. Guaranteed to leave a smile on your face. Your opponent, not so much.
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Officers are special units which provide bonuses and benefits to other units in the same stack (including self). There is an officer for each unit type, and a maximum of one active officer per type is allowed at one time; if the officer dies, he can be re-mobilized. These units can be a deciding factor in the outcome of your expected combat, so be sure to use them wisely!
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Deployables are unmanned units providing support to a variety of roles and scenarios including (but not limited to) combat support, reconnaissance & infiltration. These units provide a flexible toolset to give you tacitcal manouverability.

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