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What are Seasons?

A Season is a time-limited event, featuring a brand new line of units with unique skins and stats. It also opens up the opportunity to climb to the top of the Seasonal Leaderboards by earning Season Points

Seasonal Leaderboards

Seasonal Leaderboard

You can find the Seasonal Leaderboard in the main menu of CON by clicking on the green Seasons button.

The Seasonal Leaderboard displays:

  • The featured unit of the Season, along with your current progress towards permanently unlocking it.
  • Your current ranking during the Season.
  • Time left until the Season ends.

The length of a Season can vary, be sure to check out the Seasonal Leaderboard to see how many days are left before it ends.

Seasonal Units

Elite Main Battle Tanks - Season 1

Each Season introduces a new unit with unique skins and stats.

  • Anyone can mobilize and try it out throughout the Season in which it is featured!
  • Seasonal Units are only available in games that spawn after a new Season has started.
  • Seasonal Units are researched and mobilized just like any other unit.

How Do I Permanently Unlock Seasonal Units?

Once a Season has finished, only players who earned the required Season Points to permanently unlock the unit will be able to mobilize it.

Seasonal units are re-featured giving players the opportunity to unlock a unit from previous Seasons. These units cannot be researched unless the player has achieved 1,000 points during the re-feature and unlocked permanently by having an active Security Council.

How Do I Earn Season Points?

Every unit that you kill in any of your games counts towards your total score!

  • Powerful units, such as Officers and Elite units, are worth even more points.
  • The moment a new Season starts it immediately begins to track kills from all of your current and future games until the end of the Season.

You do NOT require Security Council Membership to earn points.