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Resources are generated by Provinces over time and are used in the construction of buildings, mobilization of Units, and Research.

  • Population, Morale, and buildings affect the resource production rate in each Province.
  • Homeland cities, annexed cities and occupied cities have different rates of resource production.
  • Resource production, like all other time-based mechanics of the game occur in real-time.

! Keep in mind that the same types of resources that are required to mobilize units are consumed as a daily upkeep by said units at a lower quantity.

Production Rate

The final, maximum economic output of a city is capped by its province type. The cap is applied after all other production bonuses, e.g. from buildings, have been considered.

  • Homeland City: 100% Resource production rate
  • Annexed: 50% Resource production rate
  • Occupied: 25% Resource production rate


  • 50% Resource production rate


The Market is a useful place where one can buy or sell resources.

Resource Types

Icon Resources Descriptions
Resource 1 big.png

Supplies will act as the foundation to maintaining and growing your nation and used to research or construct anything, which means you need to be careful how you invest in the early game to make the best use of them as possible. For example, investing 1,000 Supplies for an airport in the early game may not be as effective to your economy/strategy compared to constructing an Arms industry (for ex. in a supplies city) and Army Base for early defense. It is important to remember that the more units your army has, the more you need to feed and supply them, and if you expand too quick and invest too heavily in military units you will cripple the rate at which you can expand, or worse, you will not be able to maintain your units at all.

For mobilization, this resource is needed for most infantry (With the exception of Airborne and SF), for all Support, most Officers, and early-game units (CRV, Corvette ,and Helicopter Gunship.)

Resource 2 big.png

Components are not needed for any research, but are needed for any construction that you wish to build. This resource is heavily required for mobilizing forces. All Infantry, Armored, Fighters, Bombers, Submarines, will require this resource for mobilization. Helicopters, Navy, Officers, Seasonal Units also rely heavily on Components with the exception of the early-game units mentioned in the resources section above. Mobile AA and Mobile Artillery, are the only Support units which do not need Components. Missiles do not need Components at all.

With this in mind, it is safe to say that Components will become crucial very soon after starting a game, if not instantly, as they are required for expanding your Army and Structures.

Resource 3 big.png

Any and all units will require Manpower for mobilization and upkeep. Keep your eye on this resource if you wish to have a focus on military presence and boots on the ground!

Resource 4 big.png
Rare Materials

Rare materials are a resource which are essential if you want to attain strong units such as Stealth, Submarines, Missiles etc. This resource will also become a deciding factor whether or not you are able to research as frequently as you would like, as it is required for all the research available ingame.

Resource 5 big.png

The Fuel resource is not needed for any Research, but is very dependent for any construction buildings. Missiles are the only resource which require Fuel to produce missile warheads.

Resource 6 big.png

Electronics are used to construct any building with the exception of bunkers. When it comes to mobilizing, electronics are generally required for vehicle dependent units such as: Airmobile & Special Forces Infantry, Armored Units, Support units, Fighters, Heavy aircraft, Subamrines, and the Navy.

Resource 20 big.png

Money makes the world go round. This resource is used for absolutely everything, and is also the exclusive resource used to purchase other resources from the Market, or vice versa, to sell excess resources you own in exchange for Money.

Information Graphic

The graph hereunder outlines the general uses of resources. Please note that there are some exceptions to the rule.