Playable Countries

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Conflict of Nations offers players a wide array of countries to play as, spanning from those which fell decades ago to those that may yet exist in the future. Depending on which game mode you're playing you may find that some maps have different geographic features, done to fit the depiction of the post-modern setting and/or theme. The American continent may be mostly underwater, Yugoslavia may still exist and the Netherlands may have consolidated with Belgium and Luxembourg to form Benelux.

Each country offers specific resources, doctrines and a varied number of starting cities which can make every new game of Conflict of Nations feel fresh and expansive. Owning a large country with several cities and resources like Russia plays very differently than smaller, more easily defendable countries or even island nations like Britain who will need a strong naval presence in order to make their mark on the world. Regardless of whether you are a veteran or a new player, our ever expanding list of maps and diverse roster of countries is sure to provide an exciting new experience with every new game.

Although we strive to keep maps as realistic and immersive as possible a lot of changes have been made in order to ensure that countries can remain competitive and to avoid larger, more advanced countries from dominating the game. As such countries in-game may not be direct representations of their real life counter-parts on an economic or military scale. This allows all of the playable countries to have degrees of viability and lets the player have a wider, more tactical pool of options to choose from.

Military Doctrines

When choosing a nation to play as, it is important to take notice of the military doctrine that they prescribe to. Currently there are 3 doctrines available; Eastern, European & Western. You will need to adapt your playstyle according to the different research perks and combat properties of a unit respective to the doctrine they belong to.