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CoN currently features a total of 64 playable countries on its largest maps. Your choice of country will significantly impact the strategic factors that you need to consider throughout the campaign.

The resources available to you in some countries, at the beginning of the campaign, are strictly limited. These countries are intended for experienced players who want to challenge themselves. Keep an eye on the nation summary when you join a new game, it will give you an idea about the starting difficulty of your selected country.

Military Doctrines

When choosing a nation to play as, it is important to take notice of the military doctrine that they prescribe to. Currently there are 3 doctrines available; Eastern, European & Western. You will need to adapt your playstyle according to the different research perks and combat properties of a unit respective to the doctrine they belong to.

Country List

Coming Soon.

Country Flag Country Name Military Doctrine Description Playable In
Country Flag Afghanistan Eastern Medium sized nation that is semi-arid and dominated by rugged mountains and dry plains. Fought over for decades, Afghanistan has been called the graveyard of Empires Playable In