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New Games Tab


If you want to join a public game, Conflict of Nations spawns these maps under particular criteria which are required for the server:

  • If the particular game map/scenario is full, the server will spawn a new one shortly after
  • If a map is no longer full (through abandoned players), and less than Day 5, the map will reappear as a joinable game in the new game list
  • If the map is an event map, it may not be spawned again for some weeks or even months, but they still follow the same criteria to spawn

Otherwise, if you have an Alliance and are looking for a challenge, you can:

  • Apply for Internal Alliance Challenge or Elite AvA Challenge, you can find a guide here.
  • Or else, challenge an another Alliance yourself! head to the Ranking Tab, Alliances Tab, click on an Alliance you wish to challenge and click the challenge button there!

Rising Tides Map

RisingTides Frame v2 (1).gif

Strategic Sites

Strategic Sites house technologies and research that are vital to the survival of future generations, and should be your highest priority.

  • Each site grants the owning player 500 Victory Points
  • Indestructible building
  • Oil refineries produce fuel and Mining sites produce Rares

Rising Tides features ten fixed Strategic Sites in total. Every Strategic Site is identifiable on the map by a unique building and highlight animation.

RisingTides Info.psb.png


Complexes are safe cities that allow humanity to flourish in the new world.

  • A Radiation Dome automatically starts to charge if the city is uncontaminated and has a minimum population of 4.
  • Indestructible building
  • Speeds up building construction by 5%

A Shielded Complex, i.e. a Complex with a fully charged Radiation Dome, protects the population and infrastructure from environmental hazards and, to a certain degree, nuclear and chemical attacks.

Complex Recharge.png
  • Grants 50 Victory Points when dome is fully charged.
  • Radiation Dome shields buildings and population from unit damage while it is intact.
    • Agents can still sabotage buildings however.
    • Armies are not protected by the dome.
  • Radiation Dome goes offline and needs to fully recharge when conquered by another player.
  • Radiation Dome automatically fully recharges over 24 hours.
  • Speeds up building construction by 20%

Complexes are fixed structures that cannot be built by players.

The Chosen

“No longer shall we remain silent in the face of neglect. No longer shall we abide by the words of our impotent governments." - Eshaton

Led by their visionary leader, Eshaton, The Chosen stop at nothing pursuing their divine charge. Stealth and subterfuge are their weapons of choice. They blend into the unbounded streams of refugees pouring across the fractured continents. And strike when least expected.


New Unit: Enforcer

  • Superior damage to:
    • Anti Fixed Wing
    • Anti Rotary Wing
    • Anti Armor damage
  • Stealth

Additional Features

  • Rising Tides & Sea channels/Inland seas - New Sea channels and shores change the way you plan and strategize in your local area
  • Dead zones - Quarantined zones which cannot be traversed and do not offer resources
  • Antarctic continent - The Antarctic serves as a potential base of operations, out of reach in the early game
  • 100 Playable nations - New potential hotspots in North America, South America and the East



Zombie Units

These ruthless units may be brain-dead, but don't let that lull you into a false sense of safety. They shuffle in droves with no sense of humanity, and all that comes with it.

Public Service Announcement
  • Do not have diplomatic skills and thus cannot use diplomatic relations
  • Do not show up as Radar signals
  • Deal moderate damage against soft targets, and low damage against hard targets
  • Relatively low Health Points
  • Have terrain bonuses in Urban and Suburban, Mountain and Jungle areas
  • Ignores Bunkers



Hives are organic growths that can cause catastrophic damage if left unchecked. It is important to tackle infected cities and areas with utmost urgency, otherwise Hives will start to grow in the following hours.

  • Has a 4 hour construction time which starts as soon as Zombies take over a City
  • Critically degrades a cities' Morale
  • Halts population growth
  • Provides an entrenchment bonus to Zombies
  • Is a destructible construction
  • Allows for more Zombie Units to be spawned at one go ( 6 - 10 instead of the default 1 - 3)

Blood & Oil

2020-01-15 blood-oil-map.png

Blood lust is rampant, and the smell of sulfur-ridden smog permeates the lands of the Middle East beside oil rich Crescent. Nations clash in the ultimate race for domination over the war torn land in a desperate attempt to fuel the raging fires of eternal war.
This map features:

  • 50 Players across Europe, Middle East, North Africa and parts of Asia. Including ex-territorial bases and Territories (US in the Middle East, China in Africa, Russia in Syria, Turkey in Libya)
  • Coalition Sizes of 3
  • 10 Strategic Sites
  • Specific cities occupied as homeland by two opposing nations

Strategic Sites

The Strategic Sites in Blood and Oil host the most valuable Oil refineries, Mining Sites and the Suez Canal, making them your highest priority when viable for conquering.

  • Oil Refineries offer a boost of production on Fuel and 100VP
  • The Canal Gate will provide the sole owner a flat resource bonus of 16,000 Money
  • Mining Facilities will provide 1,000 Rares
Strategic Points BloodOil.png

New Caliphate

The Enforcers featured in Rising Tides and Cyber Black maps make a comeback, intent on striking down thee with great vengeance. This time, they have recruited trained mercenaries, officials, military personnel and anyone invested in fighting for their beliefs and future. Military Intel reports that the Chosen are supplying Insurgents with the equipment and not directly involved, but this may be misinformation being spread from infiltration within the upper echelons.

  • Superior damage to:
    • Anti Fixed Wing
    • Anti Rotary Wing
    • Anti Armor damage
  • Stealth


2020-05-30 Overkill.png

In a modern world gone mad, even the smallest countries prepare for all-out war. Diplomatic relations will have a rippling effect throughout the world, potentially spelling disaster for some. Differences must be set aside to find common ground for the song and dance that is modern war - unlikely alliances have made themselves known to the world to defend their place in the world. Overkill inherits many of the design of WW3 but amplifies it tenfold and uses special features to cater to the changes made, including Victory Sites and alliances between nations such as the Koreas or Mesoamerican nations uniting under 1 flag.
This map features:

  • 100 Players
  • Coalition Sizes of 3
  • 12 Strategic Sites

Strategic Sites

The Strategic Sites in Overkill will be a great contributing factor to your resources and local strategic decisions.

  • Oil Refineries will provide 1,000 Fuel resources and 500VP
  • Seed Vaults, Fusion Reactors, Wind Farms, Mining Facilities and Marine Research Facilities will all provide 500 Rares materials and 500 VP
Strategic points overkill.png