Campaign Types

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If you want to join a public game, Conflict of Nations spawns these maps under particular criteria which are required for the server:

  • If the particular game map/scenario is full, the server will spawn a new one shortly after
  • If a map is no longer full (through abandoned players), and less than Day 5, the map will reappear as a joinable game in the new game list
  • If the map is an event map, it may not be spawned again for some weeks or even months, but they still follow the same criteria to spawn

Otherwise, if you have an Alliance and are looking for a challenge, you can:

  • Apply for Internal Alliance Challenge or Elite AvA Challenge, you can find a guide here.
  • Or else, challenge an another Alliance yourself! head to the Ranking Tab, Alliances Tab, click on an Alliance you wish to challenge and click the challenge button there!