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Alliances, or clans, allow you to form long-term teams with other players, in contrast to coalitions which only last for the duration of one game.

You can start your own alliance or join an established one. Being in an alliance enables you to establish relationships with team members and enjoy team-oriented gameplay. As a member of an alliance, you will gain access to features such as having the alliance [TAG] shown in front of your name and utilise the dedicated alliance chat.

Furthermore, alliance members are granted access to three types of challenges:

  • Standard Alliance Challenges
  • Elite Alliance Challenges
  • Creating an Alliance

    In order to create an alliance, open the main game page and click the Alliance button in the navigation bar:

    1. Click the Create Alliance button.
    2. Fill out the details for your alliance.
    3. Click Create to complete the process.

    Some things to keep in mind:

    • As the leader of an alliance, you can now create and accept Alliance Challenges.
    • You may want to change the Application Mode of your alliance under the Settings tab - the default mode is Free to join, meaning new applications for your alliance from other players do not require your approval.
    • Once you have your first alliance members, you can promote them to moderators, hand over leadership, or discharge them.

    Joining an Alliance

    In order to join an alliance, open the main game page and click the Alliance button in the navigation bar:

    1. Click the Find Alliance button.
    2. Click on the name of the alliance you wish to join.
    3. Click Apply to send your application.

    Note that you can only apply to one alliance at a time. If you change your mind about your current application, you first have to revoke it before you can apply to a new alliance. In order to revoke an application:

    1. Go back to the main game page and click the Alliance button in the navigation bar.
    2. Click the Revoke button.

    Can't find an active alliance? Active alliance leaders are frequently recruiting new players on our forums!

    Leaving an Alliance

    In order to leave an alliance, open the main game page and click the Alliance button in the navigation bar:

    1. Open the Settings tab.
    2. Click the Leave Alliance button.

    You will leave the alliance immediately, enabling you to apply to or create a new alliance.

    Alliance Games

    Note that only alliance leaders can create and accept alliance challenges, as well as apply for internal games.

    Alliance Challenges

    In order to create an Alliance Challenge, open the main game page and click the Ranking button in the navigation bar:

    1. Open the Alliances tab.
    2. Select the alliance you wish to challenge.
    3. Click the Challenge button.
    4. Select the desired settings for the game.
    5. Click Create Game.
    6. Your alliance members can now join the game from the Alliance Games tab, under the Alliance section on the main game page.


    • Only players from the alliances engaged in the challenge can join the game.
    • Your team's rank and statistics will be logged for alliance challenge games.

    Elite Alliance Challenges

    These challenges will allow members to play on a competitive level, representing their team whilst playing on equal footing. This is only offered to the players who meet the required rank.

    • Alliance Challenges are played on a dedicated maps, with player capacities ranging from 8 to 32.
    • Victory Points are fixed and don't scale with team size.
    • In order to create equal conditions, we've tried to limit variance as much as possible.
    • Premium currency is disabled.
    • Custom peace period at start of the match upon agreement of the participating alliances.
    • Earn double the amount of Rank Points.
    • Rank Required: 25+ (Corporal)
    • While there is no rank restriction on joining an alliance, team members below rank 25 will NOT be able to participate in Alliance Challenges.

    How Do I Start An Alliance Challenge?

    • In an effort to eliminate exploits, rated matches can only be hosted by us.
      Alliances that wish to challenge are asked to follow this guide . Please decide on a spokesperson for your alliance who will engage the CM to minimise confusion.
    • Decide on a peace period that wish you establish at the start of the match, together with the alliance you want to challenge.